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Lungau Urlaub
Lungau Urlaub
Lungau Urlaub


The best known of the Lungau traditions is Samson – this biblical hero figure is the emblem of Lungau. The origin of this tradition is in the 16th century. In this, a dance is carried out, accompanied by the town musicians Mauterndorf, the craft associations and the old costume groups of Samson carriers the 80 Kg Samson with 2 dwarves.
Traditional and musical weeks in Mauterndorf  – music at the inn – singers and musicians sing and play in various taverns.

The "Prangstange"n (decorated poles) in Zederhaus and Muhr – a pledge as a result of a plague of locusts more than 300 years ago is the carrying of the "Prangstangen" in Zederhaus and Muhr. The up to 6.5 m high and 80 kg heavy poles are decorated for one week with flowers and on Prangtag carried in the procession.

In Mauterndorf , on a full moon the so-called “Full Moon Nights” take place in which regional culinary specialities are offered, fashion shows are held, there are special programmes for children and much more. The nights, which only end after 10.00 pm are worth a visit in any case.

Also there are often open air concerts and tattoos of the Lungau musical associations in the various communities in which plessant hours in a fine atmosphere can be enjoyed.

Also farmers markets are always worth a visit in which regional specialities and treats made by farmers can be tasted and taken home. In conversation with our farmers and their wives one can discover much about the Lungau culture and values.

The alpine summer festivities take place in all the Lungau communities with musical accompaniment and every type of alpine specialities and treats.

In the autumn the so-called "Bauernherbst" takes place throughout the Salzburger Land with many attractions and events on the subject of rural life, naturally again with much folk music and many regional treats – because enjoyment simply belongs to a relaxing holiday.


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